Fortune Johnson Circle at South End

Fortune Johnson Circle at South End

Our green practices include:

Three (3) team members became Certified LEED Professionals in 2008

Addition of two fuel-efficient vehicles to our fleet to replace two trucks/SUVs (VW Jetta TDI – voted 2009 "Green Car of the Year" by greencar.com)

Purchased carbon offsets through TerraPass to become a carbon-balanced business

Implemented on-screen takeoff software (OnCenter) to avoid printing sets of plans for takeoffs

Created strategic partnerships with "green" suppliers, including Certainteed, GE, Sherwin-Williams, etc.

Purchased recycling containers for each employee and established recycling service for office

Implemented recycling a program for consumables in cooperation with our vendors, including Dell, HP, and Pitney Bowes

Continually purchase recycled office products (copy paper, paper goods, etc.) whenever available

Continually replace lighting with more energy-efficient fluorescent fixtures/bulbs

Purchased energy-efficient PCs, monitors and printers to replace older, less efficient computer equipment

Replaced attic insulation and installed 14 SEER A/C units during office renovation

Building an EarthCraft House™

EarthCraft House™ recognizes that there are many ways to reduce pollution and the waste of natural resources when building. EarthCraft House™ gives home builders great flexibility by providing a point system. Builders can earn the necessary points by choosing the measures most practical for their specific homes.

As environmental building products and techniques constantly change, the EarthCraft House™ Technical Guidelines cannot be all inclusive nor always reflect the latest building science theory. Under the Innovative Points section, builders may submit measures which are not included in these guidelines. The EarthCraft House™ Technical Guidelines are intended to illustrate broad design and construction guidelines and are not to be used as design or construction specifications. These guidelines are not intended to substitute for manufacturer’s installation, or use recommendations, or building codes. However, the EarthCraft House™ Technical Guidelines often exceed the minimum requirements of a product manufacturer, installer, or building code.