technology partners

As we continue to leverage technology to improve our internal processes and service offering to our customers, we greatly value our partnership with the following solution-providers:

Focus on Technology

Technology is a cornerstone of our success at Taylor Commercial. In an industry where professional companies often seem to be the exception, a lack of acceptance and application of technology is a major barrier that many companies face in taking the "next step". At Taylor Commercial, we have made significant investments in technology to remain on the leading edge in the construction industry. These technology advancements have been focused in the following areas:

Estimating Tools

Our ability to quickly and accurately respond to customer bid requests is key to our success in business. In that light, we have completely automated our estimating processes and provided our project estimators with the tools they require to maximize efficiency in producing bids for customers. We replaced digitizers with on-screen takeoff software so that takeoffs may be completed from digital plans, drastically reducing the time involved in producing estimates.

Project Management Software

Project management and execution is at the core of everything that we do at Taylor Commercial. We are implementing Viewpoint construction software to benefit from the following features:

  • Access to a centralized tool from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Online project scheduling, task assignment and schedule review/updates
  • Ability for customers to receive and respond to RFIs and other requests via the web
  • Online Purchase Order creation, submission and receipt management
  • On-demand reporting for employees and customers

Document Management

As the construction industry is very paper-intensive, we saw a need to better manage our internal and external documents while becoming more eco-friendly in the process. We are implementing a document management system to enable us to move toward a paperless environment and to better manage our project documents, invoices, and workflow.


We have implemented a corporate security solution including a new firewall, virus and spyware protection, and SPAM control. This extra focus on security will not only protect our internal systems and data, but will also tightly secure all interactions with our customers and business partners.

Backup and Recovery

System downtime and loss of data can be crippling to any business. Taylor Commercial has partnered with Radical Support to constantly monitor our network, servers and systems to proactively resolve any issues which may arise. Part of this solution is an onsite/offsite backup solution which protects our data and provides prompt recovery in the event of hardware failure. This partnership and service allows us to offer consistent and highly available customer support and avoid costly outages.


The ability of our employees to maintain efficiency and serve our customers largely depends on the core infrastructure we have in place. We continuously invest in improvements to our network and hardware, updating our servers and computers and adding bandwidth to further facilitate external communication. We provide our employees with the tools that they need to provide world-class service to our customers.