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Taylor's Differentiators

Through your work with Taylor Commercial, the following key differentiators over other companies will quickly become evident:

Access to Executive Team

You will have direct and instant access to our executive team, which leads to quick decisions, responses to inquiries and resolution of any problems which may arise.


Taylor Commercial is ultimately flexible; able to make immediate adjustments based upon your needs or requirements.

Relevant Experience

We have specific, proven experience with the renovation of affordable housing properties (tax credit/DCA, cooperatives, etc.).

Proven Methodology

Having served the local community since 1969, we have a 40-plus year track record of successfully delivering multi-family solutions. This success has been cultivated through our proven business model and methodologies, which are continually refined and modernized to assure we remain competitive in the current marketplace. Our project methodology features an online project management tool through which customer representatives may review the current progress, respond to and review RFIs and perform many other project-related tasks.

Thorough Estimates

Through a time-tested bidding methodology that leverages industry best practices in combination with leading-edge technology, our team of experienced estimators render precise project estimates that are further backed by our company's price lock guarantee. The efficiency and accuracy of our bidding process and clearly defined estimates assure jobs are bid correctly from the beginning.

Green Conscious

Taylor Commercial is committed to creating an eco-friendly working environment and following "green" building practices. We also have three LEED Accredited Professionals on staff.

Personal Attention

The same individuals that prepare your proposal will be managing and executing the proposed solutions.